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        I love this story…Jaime Lynn Spears gave birth to her baby daughter Maddie Briann on Thursday June 19, 2008.  The baby weighed 7 lbs and 11 ounces.  Of course as always, photographers and media members wait in packs for celebrities coming home from a hospital with their newborns so that they can be the first to snap a picture of the “new” family when a child is born.  In this case, in the media’s eagerness to get that picture; they were thwarted by getting pictures that had no real value; gotta love that!

         The media told the public that Jamie Lynn left the hospital with her daughter on Saturday, to go to Lynn Spears home.  Not so…this escape plan was ingenius on Jamie Lynn and her family’s part.  Jamie Lynn Spears got a temporary surrogate mother for her baby, to act as herself leaving the hospital with her mother Lynn Spears and her fiance Casey Aldridge; driving to Lynn Spears home in Kentwood, Louisiana.  

           In reality,  Jamie Lynn and her child, Maddie, waited until the paparazzi left the area; then, she was driven to her home in Liberty, Mississippi that she shares with Casey. I am sure that Jamie had to feel pretty good driving home with her baby without the clausterphobic cluster of photographers and reporters dogging her.  I am sure the only thing that could have made it better would have been for her mother and Casey to truly be by her side when she arrived home with her child.  Shame on the paparazzi for creating a situation where a family could not possibly go home like a normal family with a new baby out of fear for their safety during such a special time in their lives; it should have been respected. http://www.jamielynnspears.com/


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