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Sharing Christmas Cheer

Today we are off to try an experiment. It is called a White Elephant Christmas Exchange. With so many people out of work and having a hard time financially…we are doing something that we hope will help lift the spirits of people who are struggling trying to figure out a way to give gifts to their loved ones.

We are promoting an event that is using gently used or new items that have been donated by businesses and individuals as well as churches. These items will be available to people to come and pick out for their immediate family members.

The only “cost” is a $1.00 donation per shopper and a donated from those shoppers of wrapping items such as gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, tape or bows.

They may also donate items for the exchange. This way…it is not charity…but is truly an exchange.

Everyone has items that are unused in their homes. Often items that they have received as gifts that either dont fit, or isn’t their style or scent (such as lotions, perfumes, colognes).

The response has been truly amazing. Other churches and such are very interested in doing this next year.

In my mind, it is also a great way to reduce (unwanted items usually thrown in the trash), reusing (repurposing a gift) , and recycling items that can be used in other ways. It is a great win-win idea. Things that dont get taken home as a gift will then be donated to agencies that will benefit the public. 🙂

So, hopefully, this Christmas Exchange will help share the Christmas spirit and promote some holiday cheer in families that maybe were struggling to come up with ways of providing for their families. Merry Christmas everyone!


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