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Ok, President Elect Barack Obama is suggesting people and businesses be proactive about the economy. He has suggested many things to help the economy and the environment. I for one am not in the position of replacing my home heating system. But, this I can do…i can replace my lightbulbs with the more energy efficient CFL lightbulbs.

I have tried it before on an experimental basis. I loved the fact that they last longer. I didn’t love the fact that they were more expensive than traditional bulbs. My family complained…loudly when the lights in the bathroom took forever to complete lighting up. They slowly go from dim to full lighting in a matter of a minute and a half or so.

While that may not be a problem for a lot of people, our bathroom has no window…it is completely dark without full lighting. So, I guess I will have to make a committment here. Either quit dipping my toe in the idea of saving on electricity/energy use or not. The light in the bathroom has a strip of lightbulbs over the medicine cabinet over the sink. It has four. So, maybe in that strip i will put in the CFL lights except in the space closest to the door.

The other rooms of the house will be easier as there are windows in every other room. There are several rooms with ceiling fans which have four spots for lightbulbs. Hmmm…does this mean four times the savings in energy use? Yes it does.

I think i will begin slowly replacing the lightbulbs with the CFL ones. It will initially take more money to buy the bulbs…but, since i need to buy lightbulbs now anyway…i may as well begin the switch. How about you? What will you do to help the environment and the economy?


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