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      Wow, with Christmas barely under our belts and New Years right around the corner…i got to thinking about those who anticipate going home and dealing with disappointment when it can’t or doesn’t happen for one reason or another.

         These past few days the news reports were concentrating all the travelors who were struggling, despite the horrible weather patterns, to get home.  They were trapped in airports with flight delays and cancellations; they were stopped in their tracks because busses were grounded, those who wanted to rent a car had to be quick on the draw because most rental agencies were quickly out of vehicles to rent…and those who thought to take a train were disappointed because the schedules were either cancelled ; or, if they were lucky…they might have started their trip…only to find themselves stranded in another city because the trains couldn’t go any farther. 

        Not only were these circumstances disappointing, they were inconvienent and they were financially devastating as it cost the travelors much more money and time than they had planned.

          There is a young woman that i know who recently traveled home from another state because she was/is on holiday break from college.  She was slightly disappointed in the general demeanor of her friends and loved ones who were struggling to deal with hard economic difficulties at a time of celebration. 

           My own wonderful son, who was going to surprise his mother and come home for Christmas became very ill with strep throat.  Not only has he been very ill, uncomfortable and in pain…his heart was hurting because he didn’t get to come home and celebrate the holiday with his family…in fact, he was so sick…he didn’t even get to enjoy watching his own children open their family gifts.  His body was sick and his spirit was sad and filled with disappointment.

         I can completely understand.  While i was not aware of all of the secret plans for the homecoming…once i was made aware of them and that they had to be cancelled…i too was very disappointed…not only for myself, but for my son and his family.

           The human spirit has a hard time with disappointment.  It is very difficult not to feel cheated when our hearts and minds get set on a certain circumstance that we have nurtured and built up in our minds eye to be the goal to achieve.  When life’s circumstances don’t measure up to our hearts desire…we actually go through a sort of mini- grief.  

        It is actually a good thing…because it helps us to set a new goal.  If we can just accept the situation for what it is; and, acknowledge that yes we are bummed and disappointed…we can find the next best thing to set our sights on.  Focus on that and regroup…it helps to heal the loss a little bit.  So here is to making new plans…trying again…and replacing that disappointment with a new excitement, and making it happen!


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