Well, first and foremost, I am married and the mother of 6 children. Some are birth siblings; some are not. Some of my children are challenged with special needs. I am a writer at heart. I am trying to figure out which direction to take my writing. Traditional publishing is like breaking into Fort Knox and vanity publishing doesn't feel right for me. (Does that sound like snobbery...i don't mean it to) I think a writer, today, has to be somewhat savvy in their approach to breaking into publishing. No matter what you write; you have to be able to find a willing readership and a way to make it pay. Writers will write purely out of their love for words; but, you must make a living too. So therein, lies the dilemma, write for pleasure or write for financial gain? Is there a way to balance the two and feel like you are fulfilling your calling? I think there is. Not only do you need to be a skilled writer, but you need to be a psychologist, mind reader, an editor, and an avid reader; but, you also need to be a professional marketer of your writings. A bit of a challenge! I do like a challenge don't you?

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