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       Bye Bye September…tomorrow is October…Fall is truly here and making it’s presence know.  That only leaves one more season left this year…and it isn’t going to be pretty what with the rising cost of living… I hate to see winter come.  With any luck, winter will be mild. 

        With all of the financial uncertainty hanging over the United States…thinking about heating homes is the last thing anyone wants to do.  Yet, i can’t help but admire the beauty that is Fall.  The golden yellow, the burnt oranges, the flaming reds and the burnished brown of the leaves as they glisten in the mellow fall temperatures.  The evenings are pleasantly cool enough to be enjoyed and yet not bothersome enough to turn on the furnace.  This is the beauty of fall.  Reaping the bounty of the earth’s growing season and preparing it for the winter.  It is all a gift. 

        Even the beauty of the first heavy snow fall as it coats the trees and the ground with it’s sparkling diamond dust is a work of art.  It is knowing that it wont be the last snowfall that wears on the novelty of it all…calculating the financial cost of removing all of that frosty diamond dust!  OH well, it is time to enjoy the moment.

        Time to walk in the leaves, smell the warm earth, gaze upon the fall flowers in a final burst of color…stand around a roaring campfire…heat up some tarty spiced apple cider…roast a few dogs over the open flame and stare at the glittering silver white stars as they twinkle in the deep blue black of the night sky.  This is a moment to remember and to treasure.  Bye Bye September!


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Michigan Frost

      Well, it is only the middle of september and already we have frost here in michigan.  Wow, seems like we aren’t getting much transition to fall here. I had planned to take the kids to the farmer’s market this morning but just didn’t feel up to it today.

       It has been more than chilly here and it has been overcast much of the last three days.  Thank goodness, we are going to warm back up next week into the high 70’s and low 80’s.  This is compared to the 50’s it was this afternoon.

      I dont mind fall like weather…but i am feeling rather fluish still and it is not particularly fun at the moment.  I suspect over the next few weeks we will be having several campfires and hot chocolate/hot cider and lots of friends over.  Winter will be here before we know it and the 50’s will sound like a summer warm up  :)!  Ah, it is nice to live in changing seasons (for the most part).

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