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      I remember that i told you a few weeks back about the importance of finding  a mentor.  I have been listening to audio seminars conducted by Glenn Dietzel.  He really stresses the importance of a mentoring team as well as deep self reflection.  I used to think of writing as the end goal.  Now, i believe with all of the changes in publishing; that you must be thinking, at all times, on the best way to utilize what you write as not only an art form but also a business.  You can’t live on art alone :)!

      I think he is right.  I know that i always have a million ideas floating around in my head; but for some reason, it takes a titanic strength of will just to get them all written down and then another huge wave of commitment to do the rewrites.  I don’t know if it is always this difficult for other writer’s; but, i find that so many things become distractions.  I do my best to weed out the ones that matter little and to prioritize the ones that truly matter in my life.

      I am enjoying the online seminar’s that Glenn Dietzel is doing and i find  that they are very uplifting and encouraging.  If you would like to check it out take a look:  http://tinyurl.com/2fsnbg.

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Finding a mentor

     I have been listening to some really encouraging motivational speakers.  The best advise i have heard lately is that you need to evaluate the way you spend your time….find the time wasters and cut down on them or eliminate them so that you can fill your writing time with things of value.  Another great tip is to find a mentor in your life that can give you encouragement and advice. 

     I think i will make it my mission to look for mentors in several areas of my life.  I need to counteract the negativity that naturally runs through my mind that prevents  me from achieving success.  I know i do this often.   I often think i can do something…think i am filled with focus .  Then i discourage myself sometimes even after the fact of doing the very thing i began to seek.  I have set myself on a journey which starts positively and ends with self discouragement.  In stead of : I can’t do that… to Why cant I do that? To finally:  I Can Do That…I Know I Can!!!

      I am going to work on rewriting the thoughts in my head to ones that promote positivity, purpose, achievement and daring.  Oh boy, this is definately the key.  I will write and let it flow .  Lord knows, rewriting is something that we do continuously anyway so why not just do it.  Get it out there in some form and then work on perfecting afterwards. 

     I am not going to compare myself to those prolific —financially stable authors who seem to be held up in the media as some kind of end goal.  I am going to work on being the best writer that i can be.  Now, how do i go about finding a writing mentor?   Hmmm…time for some intensive reflection here!

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