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     Today’s announcement that Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were “unlawfully killed” because of the actions of her driver and the paparazzi photographers who were chasing them through the streets of Paris makes her the $6 Million Dollar Woman.  This is the amount of money the inquest cost, only to tell us what we already knew.  If not for the actions of others, Princess Diana would not have died in such a manner.

       The world was waiting to hear if any proof had been uncovered about rumors of palace intrigue, murder allegations, engagement, and pregnancy, during the inquest.  In the end, all that was said was that there was no proof; and, that what was known was that the driver was drinking and that Dodi and Princess Diana were unlawfully killed; which is on the level of manslaughter in charges…the highest verdict allowed. 

       Will this verdict change people’s feeling that there is more to the story?  Probably not.  But still, in reality, no amount of hearings and inquests can change the fact that three people died because of a lack of control.  The driver because he did not have proper control of the vehicle due to the drinks that he had on that evening in question; and, the lack of control regarding the press/paparazzi’s disregard for the value of human life and proper boundaries. 

        In 2002, five short years after the death of these three people; nine photographers, who had been charged in France, were let off from charges of manslaughter because the charges were thrown out. 

         In 2006, three photographers were charged and convicted for invasion of privacy for taking pictures of Diana and Dodi.  This is small consolation as it does not bring them back to life, nor does it seem to hinder those paparazzi around the world who seem to think it appropriate to chase people with beauty/fame/fortune just to snap a picture to make money for themselves…no matter what the cost to others!  

          The unlawful killing of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed as well as driver Henri Paul robbed the world.  There isn’t much known publically about Henri Paul.  But, Princess Diana did much with her charitable works.  Dodi Fayed whether he was indeed her fiancee or not…had great wealth at his disposal.  Who knows what they would have done with their lives had they been given the opportunity to live on. 

        So, let’s all remember that when standing in the grocery line and temptation beckons to purchase and support the latest rag plastered with pictures of the rich and famous at their best and at their worst.  Don’t contribute to the mindset of devaluing human life by purchasing those papers.  It only allows those who make their living off of the habit of chasing and snapping pictures of people who dont want them to.


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On being a princess

     My 8 year old daughter could tell you all about being a princess.  She loves anything to do with the princess life.   Doesn’t matter if it is a Disney movie about princesses…princess clothes….toys…or fame.  She loves the princess life.

     Today, on the 10 year anniversary (i can’t believe it has been so long, wow) of Princess Diana’s death it seems a shame that a woman who could command so much attention and loyalty,  could also command so much controversary.

     If ever there was a woman who little girls would want to emulate as a princess, it would be her.  Her wedding was nothing less than a fairy tale that every little girl dreams of.

     That is, unless you are a grown woman who knows that, hours before the wedding,  Princess Diana’s heart was shattered when she became heartbreakingly aware of Charles deep and abiding commitment to Camilla, his true love.  Diana knew that they were close…but only suspected at his true feeling up until this point.

      When you look at the video/pictures of Diana’s wedding, you see a woman in awe of all of the attention; and yet, you see so much more in her eyes. 

     It is all 20/20 hindsight, this information that we have gleaned from the news over the years of ,behind the scenes of, a woman who lived a life of sadness and turmoil; and yes, even joy in the lives of her sons.  Those boys became her reason to survive her relationship with Charles.  That and her commitment to her charities.

     Over the years, Camilla has somehow redeemed herself in the eyes of many.  Even Diana’s sons have grown to care deeply for her.   Mainly because they see the happiness of their father in his relationship with her.

       This has had many observers note that Diana again, in some ways, was betrayed by the royal family , (her sons affections for Camilla included) and the public.  We all have mixed feelings.  We feel Diana’s hurt and pain and we feel somewhat like betrayers ourselves  if we support Charles and Camilla’s happiness.

     Yet, as adults, we all know that life is short.   To live it in a loveless marriage is not a good thing.  Better that he had had the backbone from the beginning,  and left a beautiful shy girl go on with her life without promising a life of love and commitment when in his heart he didn’t have those very things to give to her.  Truly it is sad. 

     Then again, the world would not have the legacy of her sons.  Life really can be a complex thing with choices, regrets, and second guesses about the decisions we have or have not made. 

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