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      Blaming the victim…will it work in the case of the husband originally from England who is accused of murdering his American wife Rachael Entwistle and his infant daughter Lillian? Neil Entwistle’s case has had world wide media coverage since he “discovered” his wife and daughter in bed with fatal gun shot wounds; and, instead of reporting this “discovery” to the authorities…he did some very strange things. 

        It was alleged that Neil did not just discover his wife and daughter; but in fact, killed them.  Before the murders, it was alleged that Neil was doing online searches about escorts, as well as killing people.  Then, after Neil discovered his wife and daughter’s bodies, he allegedly returns a gun, that has his DNA as well as Rachel’s DNA, secretly to his father-in-law’s gun cabinet in his home.  Then, he hops a flight to London.  Why murder, if in fact it was murder; why not get a divorce if he was so unhappy?  So many questions with very little answers.  (more…)


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        I love this story…Jaime Lynn Spears gave birth to her baby daughter Maddie Briann on Thursday June 19, 2008.  The baby weighed 7 lbs and 11 ounces.  Of course as always, photographers and media members wait in packs for celebrities coming home from a hospital with their newborns so that they can be the first to snap a picture of the “new” family when a child is born.  In this case, in the media’s eagerness to get that picture; they were thwarted by getting pictures that had no real value; gotta love that!

         The media told the public that Jamie Lynn left the hospital with her daughter on Saturday, to go to Lynn Spears home.  Not so…this escape plan was ingenius on Jamie Lynn and her family’s part.  Jamie Lynn Spears got a temporary surrogate mother for her baby, to act as herself leaving the hospital with her mother Lynn Spears and her fiance Casey Aldridge; driving to Lynn Spears home in Kentwood, Louisiana.  

           In reality,  Jamie Lynn and her child, Maddie, waited until the paparazzi left the area; then, she was driven to her home in Liberty, Mississippi that she shares with Casey. I am sure that Jamie had to feel pretty good driving home with her baby without the clausterphobic cluster of photographers and reporters dogging her.  I am sure the only thing that could have made it better would have been for her mother and Casey to truly be by her side when she arrived home with her child.  Shame on the paparazzi for creating a situation where a family could not possibly go home like a normal family with a new baby out of fear for their safety during such a special time in their lives; it should have been respected. http://www.jamielynnspears.com/

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       Raising children is one of the most important things a person can do.  It not only impacts a family; it impacts communities, businesses, organizations and individuals.  Raising children well; it is an art form.  In our world today, there are many things pulling at a family unit trying to divide it and conquor it.  It’s become the norm to expect families to break up; it is almost extra-ordinary to see a family survive all that life throws at it.

       There are those around us who struggle in ways that we cannot see.  There are stresses that are normal; and then, there are those which have the ability to wreak havoc on our inter-personal relationships. 

        Un-expected pregnancies are one such stressor.  Un-planned pregnancies, no matter the age or marital status of the parents, can overload those involved; due to financial pressures, health issues, as well as, the emotional well-being of the parents. 

        Making a choice to become a parent is an important step; whether you become a parent biologically, or through the adoption process.  Each life that is conceived is precious and full of promise.  A pregnancy should be cause for celebration; however, sometimes circumstances can complicate the miracle of life.  Those type of situations are when the adoption option becomes a lifeline for those affected.

         Organizations such as Bethany Christian Services are just, such a lifeline.  Of course, they offer more than just adoption services; there is counseling, foster care, estate planning, pregnancy counseling, post adoption care, orphan care, infertility ministry and embryo services.  They are all about building, healing, and restoring families here in the United States and around the world.

        If your heart if full of blessings…or if you have a need…go to this link and check them out.  If your heart has been burdened by the complications of life; and, you have been touched by something greater than yourself…can you find a way to give back?  Support Bethany Christian Services either through a financial donation or maybe just by volunteering your time.  Check them out here:  www.bethany.org.  

          Do you see the suffering of those all around the world and feel helpless to do anything about it?  Those who are lonely, without the basic necessities of life, poor, starving, homeless or just without someone to love them; they need help.   Many of us do see the conditions of the world and suffer a sense of guilt at our own good fortune.  Do you feel something within your heart calling you to make a difference?  We all do…don’t turn off that sensitivity to the hurts in the world.  You can make an impact!

          Maybe you already have the gift of making an impact; but, you wish to find ways of increasing that skill…may i suggest a book that will open windows into the system or skill set that will broaden your abilities to impact the world in a positive way?  It was written by Ken McArthur…a man who has felt the need from childhood to impact the world in a positive way.    The world is a big place with lots of needs.   You have a lot to offer, even if you don’t think that you do.  Find out what it is that you were created to do and be.  Read the book, make a commitment to channel positive energy into some kind of a lasting legacy…and make it happen!

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     Sorry about two posts in one day; however, i couldn’t believe what i just read on today’s news.  Things have just gone too far with a lack of common sense.

    Isn’t enough that our children feel like they have to grow up faster than what is healthy by watching most of the garbage that is on television?  They have learned very well how to be disrespectful(funny isnt it), sexualized, and to expect to have freedoms equal to adults. 

      Kids do NOT get to be kids anymore.  It isn’t healthy.  It is the only time in a person’s life where they should be free to just enjoy a lack of grownup responsibilities and the  appropriate freedoms to run and play and enjoy being a kid.

      Now the news clipping today says that; TAG on playgrounds at some schools is now being banned.  Now while i am intelligent enough to understand that kids can get carried away and things can get rough or someone could get hurt; why can’t the adults in the position of authority on the grounds put a halt to the person’s who are out of line?

     Why does everyone have to miss out on a perfectly normal game of tag between children?  Doesn’t it make more sense to discipline the ones who are out of control?  Wouldn’t that be a deterent to improper behavior?

     When i remember my childhood….i remember lots of games and activities like Red Rover, Red Rover, Frozen Tag, Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in my shoe, Duck Duck Goose, Tug of War, Relay Races, Dodge Ball, and all other manner of exercise (hidden in the guise of having fun with my friends and neighbors). 

     It just seems to me that childhood has lost it’s power to be remembered as something to cherish .  So much of what is good about growing up happens in those moments when you are learning how to play together, take turns, burn off energy, work together as a team, and so many other important skills that children absorb and take into adulthood.  Is any one else upset about this?

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