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       In the “old” days…families lived in close proximity to one another, it was important to the strength of the family.  Either several generations lived in the same homestead together or at the very least…lived in the “neighborhood”; close enough to see and communicate with one another on a daily basis.  Parents, grandparents, children, aunts, uncles and cousins all grew up together…teaching each other, learning from one another and helping to guide and direct each generation with their own brand of family values; to their place of prominence when it was time.   This type of family bonding has been broken for a long time…going back to the years of the great depression; leaving quite an impact on the way families were structured. It wasn’t willful or voluntary…it was necessary.  (more…)


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      Good morning.  I am excited as i am attending a writer’s workshop tonight.  It is on writing memories.  I am especially interested in this particular workshop as it is being directed by none other than my kindergarten teacher.  LOL

      She and her husband both are retired educators.  They have written a book together and they are doing the workshop on writting down memories as part of your legacy.  I shall write more on what i learned after i go.

      An interesting component for me, i am taking my sister in law who has wanted to write down her childhood experiences for a very long time.  I am also taking my 15 year old special needs son who has an interest in creative writing. 

      Looking for skills and inspiration for my writing is everywhere and i am very interested in the presentation.  I hope i am able to get alot of tools from this experience.  

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