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      Are you tired of trying to find family activities that you don’t have to apologize to your kids for; inevitably, many of those so called family activities, violate the very family values that you are trying to instill in your children?  Well, here is an event that you won’t have to justify taking your family to.

       It is the National Baby Food Festival in the Baby Food Capital of the World.  Gerber baby food company is known around the world for it’s innovative production of baby foods and products; and it is celebrating in the town where it all began, Fremont, Michigan. (more…)

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       By now, most of you have probably heard about the derranged daddy who destroyed the lives of at least 8 people.  They lived in Austria.  He locked his 18 year old daughter in his specially designed, tiny basement for 24 years.  He abused her;  impregnating her 7 times.  One of the babies died soon after birth; and, the father allegedly put the baby into the furnace.  What a psychological nightmare…something out of an almost unbelievable book of fiction; that noone wants to read.

        Over the years, he had the daughter write a letter saying she could not care for her 3 of her children…after she “disappeared”.  The mother raised three of the children.  How could she do this and not push for some answers?  Did she push for answers?  Or was she just as abused in her own way by this man?   Three more of the children were locked in this basement along side of their mother.  This is the only world they have ever known.  The trauma,fear and pain they must all be in seems almost too much to bear.

       Many people are saying…did the mother know> how could she NOT know?>why would she not push to know more>   There is so much that we do not understand at this time; i am afraid there will be even more horrors to come out in time.  For instance, who helped him build this basement with secretive rooms?  Why didn’t authorities search his home when the daughter went missing?  How did food and water…and other basic necessities keep them alive without SOMEONE KNOWING?  And if someone did know…how could they not do something to end this world of pain and suffering?  There are more questions than answers at this point in time.

       The father admits this horror is true.  His daughter and her three children, that were confined, are getting help; but it may take a lifetime.  But truly, is any amount of help ever going to allow these poor people to live a normal life?   They certainly deserve to live in peace and safety. 

        What about the three children who lived “upstairs” with their grandmother and for lack of a better term GRANDFATHER?  Were they abused?  How will they process the fact that they lived right above their mother and siblings?  How will they deal with the knowledge that their mother and siblings lived like caged animals while they did not?  There is going to be long term mental health treatment for all of these people. 

        They have never had education, normal human interaction, health care, or freedom.  It must be a bit like flying into space and finding an alien environment and being forced to land there and function. 

         And let’s talk about the father…how does someone become such a detached person to cause such damage to those you are “wired” to love and protect in a normal way?  What a contemptible situation for human beings to be in. 

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Twin boys       Well, my family has added another couple of family members.  Twins, are they cute or what?  Adoption in our family is nothing new for us.  But these two are only 5 weeks old.

        I forgot how often babies need to get up during the night…only these two are puppies.  No less work than a human baby let me tell you…but they are so stinking cute…what are ya going to do?

        So, Chance and Shadow are their names.  We are going to keep them both through the whinning stage and then one of them as soon as he is trained is going to a friend because their very large lab was hit by a car a few short weeks ago.

       They sure are fun though and add a whole other dimension to the family. 

Update:  Well, both babies are now pretty good size…and guess what?  They both stayed and I can’t imagine one without the other.  The friend who’s dog died…she got another dog that was also adopted…but, it didn’t work out.  That dog had seperation issues and could not be left home alone (the whole family works and goes to school).  So, that particular dog was adopted by an older gentleman who lives on a farm and has several other dogs.  She (the dog was female) is quite happy now…she is never alone and has company.   

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I am mad!  Maybe more than a little, in fact.  I read an article on the net that concerns a review on studies of binge drinking.  The article does not have a byline.    A reader reading this article,  does not know who wrote the article; and that is a shame, because it perpetuates a damaging myth!  It would be nice to know who wrote it, because then they could be educated.

It states that people know drinking a large amount of alcohol often, during pregnancy, is known to cause health problems and learning disabilities for the child.

However, it also says that the review doesn’t clearly show that occasional, binge drinking while pregnant is problematic.  It says that more studies are needed!  Please!!!

Later in the article, it says something to the effect that, until we have more scientific “proof”, women who occasionally binge drink while pregnant should not worry over much.  That is CRAZY TALK!   See this:  http://www.nofas.org/. (more…)

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       I just have read the news about the father who threw his 4 children, under the age 0f three, from a bridge in Alabama.  Then, he said he didn’t throw them; he claimed that two women took them away in a van.

       Sad, but he really did throw them off of the bridge to their deaths because he had a fight with his wife.  What???  Who could do that?  These were innocent children.  They have been finding the children one by one in the water.  (more…)

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       I have a baby shower to go to tonight.  Not just for one baby though.  There are two mothers representing two seperate families.  One mother is expecting twins (a boy and a girl) and the other mother is having a boy.

       So, i went and purchased some outfits and some necessities.   Great fun for me.  Now, i am in the process of finishing a small little poncho for the girl baby.  Now, since the girl is one of a set of twins…i expect that they will be premie.  Most of the time, if a mother is expecting twins they will deliver the babies a month early or so.  Needless to say, the poncho is small.  🙂 (more…)

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