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        Here is a story that illustrates the breakdown of American business.  Jim Crosby and his sister Linette are in a fierce and immediate battle to save their family owned mint farm business.  They are to be foreclosed on, any day now…they need to sell bottles of mint oil to save their business.  They are located in St. Johns, Michigan.  Michigan is one of the hardest hit states when it comes to the economy.  People here are struggling to hang on to the most basic necessities of life…this family only wants to be able to continue to provide a service to their customers…both old and NEW!  It is their dream to be able to continue marketing their mint oil.

         Their business has been owned by their family members since the early nineteen hundreds.  This is their legacy…and it needs an influx of cash, today.  You can visit their website ( http://www.getmint.com)  and help, to try to save an American owned business.   In a day and age where American business owners are moving out of the country left and right, to get cheaper labor and make more of a profit; it is nice to be able to support a company that has stayed in America while producing their product.  If you use mint oil for cooking, baking, tea, health aid, air freshner…or any other use…please buy from this company and help them stay in business…but, don’t dawdle…they need cash now to stay in business.  The bank that is planning to foreclose on them…could take their bottles of oil and they could take the equipment needed to continue producing the oil…thereby, putting them out of business.

         We have to make a stand for some kind of return to common sense…producing in America, selling in America and buying in America…this is how we build a strong infrastructure in the country once again.  You can build up business, jobs, and housing markets by keeping American’s working.  You want to strenthen the economy?  Stop buying everything from other countries (because it’s cheaper) and start supporting American owned and operated business that produce quality products.  The job or business that you save just might be your own!


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       I am excited because the grandchildren are coming today.  It is Christmas Eve; and that is when our family celebrates Christmas.  My granddaughter is two and a half.  She is at a fun age for Christmas fun.  My grandson is 16 months. (Gotta charge up the cameras:)) It will be fun to watch him open his presents also.

      The best part is just having family time.  But, aha…so much to do before they get here.  Mother nature dumped a blizzard on us last night and so…the (long) driveway must be shoveled and the deck and the sidewalk.  I have more baking to do.  But the joy of the evening is ahead.

      My younger children (i have 3 adult children as well) are 8, 15, 16 are excited as well.  It will be a lean Christmas here though.  But, that doesn’t matter.  We are together.  We are healthy.  So, we are blessed and thankful.  Happy Birthday Jesus! 

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