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         Did you ever notice after being gone from home for a while how good it feels to be back in your own spot?  No matter how much fun you have somewhere else; no matter how good it feels to go on vacation; or, to travel to see others that you’ve been missing; there is something very special about getting close to your own home.  It really is true, there is no place like home!

        Just entering your familiar stomping grounds feels good; the anticipation that you feel is measurable, almost like your blood pressure.  Unlocking that door and smelling the smells that are familiar to you or seeing what passes as normal on your walls, floors, or furniture; well, it just says welcome home…we’ve missed you!   The sights, sounds and smells of home….Ahhhhh….there is no place like home!  Put your feet up and just breathe it all in…you are home. 

         While you are doing that…remember those who are going through the trauma of the natural disasters that the world has been dealing with lately; tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and say a prayer for them and their situation; give thanks to God above, for the blessings in your life, while you are at it. 


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      Oh, it would be so very easy to slip into a state of bluedom.  Man, it can be overwhelming this time of year with financial woes, job layoffs, illnesses, trauma drama that has been going on with all of our family and friends; not to mention,  just dealing with all that comes with this time of year…extra pressure that no one needs.

        I am finding it necessary to choose to lose the holiday blues!  My doctor said that my blood pressure is way too high.  I wonder why?  🙂  It has been very traumatic in my world, lately.  (more…)

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