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      Here is the skinny on a previously top secret engineering project that is the baby of British billionaire, Sir Richard Branson and aerospace engineer, Burt Rutan.   They have had engineers working on designing a spaceship, that will carry another spaceship which will transport rich tourists into space, above the earth, for a 5-minute weightless experience. 

        The “mothership” is going to be introduced to the public on Monday.  Space Ship Two will carry the passengers.  It isn’t ready yet to be introduced.   Models of the two ships will be shown.  When it goes into service…space ship two, will be capable of carrying two pilots plus six passengers.

       I don’t know about you; but, this whole project sits wrong with me.  In a world that is demanding more and more fuel to support their daily living, getting to and from work…at a high cost i might add; it seems to me to set a new level of irresponsible entrepeneurialship.  Yes, it would be a marvel of invention…but, does their right to have such an experience outweigh the need or demand here on earth for the fuels?  Air travel uses such large amounts of fuel…are we ready to allow jet fuel to be siphoned off to what amounts to space tourism? (more…)


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      Well…we made it through the deadline for the temporary shutdown.  I would almost sigh with relief, except that it is not a done deal.  Basically, they now have 30 more days to work out the rest of the deal.  Both sides had to cave a bit to achieve the moratorium.

        At what cost, i say.  They are going to raise our taxes here. Both sales tax and income taxes will be raised.   They have already announced that.  They are now going to tax luxury services such as having your carpet cleaned, mowing your grass, legal fees, accounting fees and HAIRCUTS!    Geez. 

         Yes, here in michigan we live the lifestyle of the RICH AND FAMOUS.  Why… we think nothing, of spending $10.00 on a haircut.  Now, we get to add a little more to our bragging rights on how much our haircut cost us!  Don’t stare when you see some of us running around looking like we tried to save money on the sales tax by combining our services…such as….say…HAVING OUR HAIR CUT BY OUR LAWNMOWERS!!!!!  Good grief.  *****************************Pullleeezzzzzzzzzzze! (more…)

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