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      My daughter Aleisia called last night to tell me something sweet.  She said my granddaughter, Sierra who is 2, said out of the blue while they were driving; “Call Grandma Rainy, call Grandma Rainy”.  She kept saying it in a sing song voice.  She loves to call grandma on the cell phone.  My daughter explained that we were at church (they were on the way to theirs as well).  So Sierra was ok with that; when told they could call later.

      Well, when i talked to her later…we were interrupting some serious cackle time with her little brother.  He got a new toy guitar with a microphone and she would hold it up to his mouth and he would make a squeal and they would both burst into hysterical laughter.  Now, Aleisia said all day that Sierra wanted to talk to gram…so she said,” Sierra…gram’s on the phone”…

       Baby girl came on the line and took a quick breath and said…”love you gram…bye, bye”!   Way too funny…I was dismissed.  My daughter was laughing as she came back online.  She said…i guess we will have to try tomorrow cause i know she wants to talk…but, right now you have serious competiton since she is having the time of her life making her brother laugh. That works for me.  Gotta love that. (more…)


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