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       Happy Earth Day Everyone! Hope you have thought a little bit about how to leave less of a carbon footprint on this earth while you live and breathe.  We all should not only think about it…but take measures to make sure that we are cutting down on the damage that we do to our environment in our everyday activities.

        Taking everyday activities and finding ways to make them more earth friendly is important.  Changing light bulbs to ones that use less energy, turning off excess appliances and lights when not in use, combining errands when out and about to use less gasoline, mowing lawns when there is no ozone action day, leaving the grass a bit longer so that you dont need to water it as often, recycling glass, plastic, paper…all of those things make a huge difference.  Going green with our home heating and cooling…using hybrid vehicles when possible…there are so very many options. 

      Do your part…come up with creative ways to make a difference.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you later.  Make a family tradition…plant a tree every year.  Do what you can to green up our planet.


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