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        Well, the children are off to school.  Now it is time for operation “clean up”.  I have been on a painting project for days.  Everything is a mess from having to be moved out of the way. 

        Today’s project is putting everything back in it’s place.  Organizing (not my strong suit) is going to take priority.  It is going to take most of the day.  Not to mention working on the rest of the chores that have been neglected since i took so much time to do the painting of the kitchen.

       Not that i missed folding laundry…or vacuuming the carpets.  🙂  LOL….that kind of stuff is always there.  I actually washed the windows last week….what is happening to me!!!!  *I must have lost my mind with this “extra” kind of stuff.  I should have the maid do those kinds of things.   Oh…I forgot…that is ME!  Dang it! (more…)


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