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      I have a ritual, most mornings, of picking up coffee at Burger King.  The worker’s (no matter which one’s are on schedule) seem to know me; as, i was greeted yesterday as, “the coffee lady”.  

       That was a shock…they were smiling away at me.  These were the worker’s at the second window  who were, actually, handing me my coffee. 

      Now the first worker, the one who  took my order; was definately not a customer service worker who cared about how she treated her customer.  I asked for 2 creams in the coffee, only to be told “we don’t do that….we give you the creams to put in yourself”. 

      When i held my breath, and bit my tongue for a pause of about 6 seconds…she had the nerve to ask me, “If that was… ok?”   I replied, quite testily (not the norm for me to be rude in this way but hey….), “I guess it will have to be OK, since… that is how you do it here”!  She then told me that she couldn’t hear me.  But she managed to tell me the cost of my purchase and told me to proceed to the next window.   She took my money and told me to have a nice day.   

        Pfffff!  She just didn’t get it that she was rude and disrespectful.  If i am ordering coffee on the road; i don’t want to have to doctor up my coffee…taking off the lid to add the cream and thereby, causing the lid to possibly drip coffee all over my clothes when i am going about my day!  How hard is it for her to put the cream in the cup while she is pouring in the coffee before the lid is even put on.  What in the heck is the big deal?  Do i, THE CUSTOMER, work for her????? (more…)


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