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     It is sunday morning.  Today, i am off to help teach the children’s church.  My husband is still out of town and he is the main teacher.  He is like a live wire so when he is missing…it is really felt.  One of our teens from our youth group is going to take over and do the main teaching today.  This is great for her (mentoring) and she is super with the kids.  They do love her alot.

      My job will be crowd control.  We have several behaviorally challenged children as well as several special needs children who have to be monitored constantly.  Hopefully, we can get a couple of other adults to help out today. 

      Then, after church…it is going to be like another gorgeous fall (75 degrees :)) day.  Wow, I am off to take some senior pictures of the young lady who is helping me teach today.  It is going to be fun.  All outdoor shots and fun to boot.  Then we will hit the pizza place in her town.  Should be a great day. (more…)


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