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      Blaming the victim…will it work in the case of the husband originally from England who is accused of murdering his American wife Rachael Entwistle and his infant daughter Lillian? Neil Entwistle’s case has had world wide media coverage since he “discovered” his wife and daughter in bed with fatal gun shot wounds; and, instead of reporting this “discovery” to the authorities…he did some very strange things. 

        It was alleged that Neil did not just discover his wife and daughter; but in fact, killed them.  Before the murders, it was alleged that Neil was doing online searches about escorts, as well as killing people.  Then, after Neil discovered his wife and daughter’s bodies, he allegedly returns a gun, that has his DNA as well as Rachel’s DNA, secretly to his father-in-law’s gun cabinet in his home.  Then, he hops a flight to London.  Why murder, if in fact it was murder; why not get a divorce if he was so unhappy?  So many questions with very little answers.  (more…)


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         This weeks departing contestant from Dancing With The Stars was Priscilla Pressley.  Yeah, this weeks performance wasn’t magic but..man..i hope when i am 62 that i still want to be challenging myself to do things that i am not sure that i am capable of doing.  Like get real…this lady did the full out splits, IN HEELS!   She looked elegant while doing so.   Props to Priscilla Pressley. 

        She said after learning that she was leaving that she learned things about herself that she didn’t know and she discovered things that she could do that she didn’t know she could do.  She also said the whole experience was life changing for her. 

         Yes, it was her time to leave.  But, you know what…give the lady her due.  She did a very job of pushing herself over the weeks to get to where she was.  Great grace and style and for those of us baby boomers…it was nice to see a positive role model teaching us to live out our dreams no matter what.  She looks beautiful and you have to remind yourself that she is not only a mother and a grandmother; but alot of us were alive when she was just a teenaged girl who was engaged to be married to the famous rock and roll performer Elvis. 

       Priscilla went on to have a successful career as an actress entertaining us in such shows as Dallas.  She has had so many phases in her life and we have been there for most of them.  This challenge to herself to dance in front of millions was just another step in life that she shared with us.

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