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       New information is being released about Julia Child and her part in history…top secret history that is; and no, we are not talking about top secret recipes.  Classified files that were previously not released are being released, on up to 24,000 spies for the United States during WWII; allegedly, Julia Child’s name is on the list.

        She was part of the OSS or Office of Strategic Services which was the forerunner of the CIA.  The OSS was comprised of both military and civilian individuals which created the large spy network during the war.  There were everyday people in the OSS as well as musicians, actors, educators, among other occupations.

         It will be interesting to find out what Julia’s role was. She was a skilled chef and a world travelor who had gained quite a bit of celebrity during her lifetime…it had to have taken quite a bit of courage to step into this role as spy.   I don’t know if they will release specific information about individual assignments for each of the famous people but, it would be interesting to read and discover each person’s role during that time.

          It makes you wonder, if Julia Child was a spy…how do you know that Joe Smoe down the road isn’t one…or the clerk at the grocery store…maybe the teller in your bank. It is intriguing to imagine these people from the past and what secrets that any of these everyday people learned while spying, to pass on to our government in defense of it’s people.  Did you ever suspect someone (no names please) of being a spy? 



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      Today has had a few….”TA DA”  moments.  Things are looking a little more “up” for business.  This is a very welcome thing.  Sometimes, competition is a good thing and sometimes it wipes you out.  However, it always ….ALWAYS, pays to know what your competition is up to! 🙂 

       Nothing wrong with healthy competition…always try to conduct yourself with integrity.  Sometimes you just have to be ready to change your course of action to bump up your decisons to the next level.  Especially, when your competition is of a high level, deserving of respect. (more…)

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