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        Well, Dancing With The Stars is getting more and more competitive each week.  Everyone is stepping up their game and pushing themselves to the next level.  I am wondering…hmmmm…who is left to leave?

        I know that Kristi Yamaguchi, Christian de la Fuente, Shannon Elizabeth, Mario, Marlee Matland, Jason Taylor, Marissa Janet Winokur are the ones left standing at this point.  Tonight the competitors will attempt their first group dance.  I always like this because it gives them a chance to work as a team instead of just trying to stand out as individual teams.

          Now, it gets really interesting.  Who has the skills to make it another week?  By this stage of each season’s performances, the competitors have invested so much time and effort that you can tell that they really DON’T want to leave.   Tonight’s performances will help to determine who is voted off tomorrow night.  I always feel like i should hold my breath just so that it doesn’t happen to be one of my favorites that has a bad night or a missed step.  Cross your fingers and enjoy the entertainment!

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     Oh man, i can’t wait to watch what Marie pulls out of the hat tonight.  I have always thought she was talented, pretty and driven.  I love her sense of humor and her style. (more…)

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