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      Tonight, there will be a trio of contestants to remember, on dancing with the stars.  Kristi Yamagucchi and her partner Mark will go head- to- head (or feet- to- feet, as the case may be) with Jason Taylor and his partner Edyta  &  Christian de la Fuente and his partner Cheryl.

       This finale will be something to see.  Jason and Christian are new life-long friends according to all of the media buzz.  Kristi says it is time for another female celebrity winner to claim the trophy.  Tonight, they will compete for the final time.  Who will take away the trophy?

        Kristi barring any catastrophe is far and away the most skilled.  However, Jason has a huge following and is looking pretty smooth out there; but, Christian is strong in well-wishers because of his arm injury, weeks ago during competition.  He is scheduled to finally have the surgery on Friday for the ruptured tendon in the bicep. 

         Will Christian have the sympathy votes to get him the trophy?  He has definately stepped up his skill set in the last couple of weeks…and, has definately earned the right to be in the finale.  They all have.


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         I wonder who will get to put up their feet and rest their piggies on Dances with the Stars after tonight’s episode?  I very much enjoy this show…and am looking forward to watching this season evolve. 

         Last week it was interesting to hear a few of the new contestants say they wanted to figure out a way to get out of it after they started the process.  I wonder if they will be the first ones to leave?  It is alot harder than it looks dancing and practicing all of those hours and trying to look good in front of millions of viewers every week! 

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