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         A very sad news story this past week has brought to mind how important it is to have integrity in all that you do.  Thousands have been made sick in China due to the greediness of milk producers who added the chemical melamine to the raw milk used to produce milk, yogurt, and baby formula.

         Adding the chemical to the raw milk used to produce the powdered baby formula appeared to fool the quality checks as to the content of the milk.  This chemical can cause kidney stones, irritation to the eyes and to the skin, and it can also cause ulcers in the urinary tract of the individuals who ingest the tainted dairy products.  There have been over 4 deaths to babies and well over 6,000 are ill from the effects. 

           These concerns are in the short term…what about long term effects?  What about people who will discover health problems down the line from kidney stone formation or other effects?  China’s population has been devastated in the past year by the severe earthquake, flooding from the after affects of the earthquake, the collapse of schools during the earthquake; and now this tainted milk disaster.   The future impact on China remains to be seen from all of these losses. 

           Parents have a right to be angry and fearful for the well-being of their children.  Adults are being advised that drinking 2 liters of milk a day or less will not produce ill affects in healthy adults.

           We used to talk about the milk of human kindness…lately, we seem to see more of the greediness in individuals; and, it isn’t limited to China.  People need to exhibit integrity in their day- to- day actions; and, realize that what they choose to do affects others around them.  There have been arrests in this recent disaster relating to the tainting of the milk.  Those involved in the decision to add the chemical could actually face the death sentence for the choices that they have made. 

            In the meantime, the tainted products have been pulled from the shelves in China…but, some of the products have been exported to other countries.  It is imperative to check the labels of any products that used milk products, that have come from China, at this time for the safety and well-being of those who would consume the products purchased.


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        This is a sad day.  It seems that Vietnam adoptions have been stopped.  Corruption seems to be at the basis of the concerns.  Vietnam is not going to accept adoption applications from American families after July 1st.

         Adoptions with other countries will not be affected from what i understand.  Adoptions applications that have already been in progress, where young children have been matched with families, will continue to proceed.  There is not time to get new applications processed before the time runs out.  That is sort of sad for those who have already adopted a Vietnamese child and wanted to add other children with the same ethnic background. 

       Around the world there are so many children who need homes.  Adoption is a wonderful thing…but, like anything else, it can be corrupted.  Poor families can be pressured to put children up for adoption because of financial pressures.  Because of that fact as well as people who operate out of greed; many families will not have the option of adopting a child from Vietnam, at the moment.  Still, if you have a heart to adopt and love a child giving it a happy, healthy home life…continue to pursue your dream of adoption.

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