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       It is going to be a semi- warm day today, with some breeze.  We are offering to go and do yard work for someone who just had surgery.  This isn’t really someone who attends our church (regularily). He has loved ones who do. 

       This is someone who could really benefit from all that God has to offer.  He has sort of had a difficult time in life, ya know.  But often we hear through the grapevine; that more often than not, it is not words of praise for God or his people that this person concentrates on.  He is somewhat negative.

       Some people would say (and have); why go and do good deeds for someone who doesn’t have nice things to say about Christians or the church.  Well, truth be told, human nature says…forget about that person.  If they aren’t going to appreciate what you try to do for them…move on to someone who will.  Wrong…that isn’t what God expects or commands us to do. (more…)


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