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      This is interesting news to me; and, not altogether unhappy news, it has come to my attention that as a direct result of the financial crisis in this country…we are all going to be receiving less junk mail in our mail boxes!  Isn’t that wonderful?  It is just sad that it took something of this nature to reduce all of these unwanted solicitations. 

       Now, I have to admit, i hate junk mail.  It piles up and seems to breed when I am not looking, before I can dispose of it.  I could build a miniature high rise building with the stacks of envelopes that I get each week.  It is frustrating, as my shredder is broken; and, many of those envelopes are attempts to get me to sign up for credit cards, home equity loans; and or, other means of putting me further and further in debt. 

       Hello people, where is the common sense here?  I hate getting those pieces of mail; because, if you open them up…they have multiple spots on the applications with personal name & address information.  As I said, without a shredder…i must hand tear them into small pieces so that no one else can activate them if they come across the applications.  That is highly annoying to have to go through all of that extra work because of no fault of my own.  However, it is necessary with all of those warnings that we all hear about on the news programs of identity theft.  It is too easy for someone with ulterior motives to make use of that private, and personal information they find inside of those envelopes that everyone tosses away.

        It also goes against my growing sense of green living.  There is no reason to slaughter thousands of trees a year just to bombard people with mail that they don’t want or need; which only ends up in landfills anyway.  I want to protect the environment and be a good steward of the world that we live in.   Let’s take a moment and compliment those companies that are cutting back on wasting trees and money by curbing the direct marketing sales envelopes that we all receive.  Thank you for cutting back, I want to encourage you to continue this practice even when the economy improves!   I admire your leadership in this area of your business (yes, i know you are mainly doing it to save money…that is ok…we both benefit).

         Of course, we all want the financial world to get back on it’s feet.  Let this small step of reducing unwanted mail be the first positive step in the right direction, as far as using common sense, in the business world.  I believe that the impact is far reaching.  I for one, appreciate the fact that I will get less unwanted mail.  How do you feel about the matter?  Will you respect a company for taking this step?


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      Stop! make it stop….everytime i go to the mail box…those stupid credit card offers are waiting for me.  The offers get to take a short little trip from the mail box to my garbage can..but first …because they have my name and address on them i must rip them to shreds.

      Give me a break. I have called the number on the back in small print to opt out of the pre-screened offers of credit …but they still find a way back into the mail box.  Ahhhhh…dang it.  I can’t just toss it away…because identity theft is too much of a problem in our world…so once again, rip, rip, shred , shred. 

           Our country has a huge national credit problem and i think it is unethical to send direct mail to people tempting them to wade deeper into the pool of credit card debt.  I don’t want more debt…i am trying to dig my way out of it.

       It just isn’t fair that even though i don’t want these offers…they continue to come.  It isn’t just annoying…it is a credit risk…because of people who have no morals about submitting the offers with a change of address.  Does anyone else out there know what I am talking about??? 

        I received two more today.  Give me a break, I tell ya!!

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