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        Another week…and another couple leaves Dancing With The Stars.  This week it is Marlee and Fabian.  They made a nice addition to the group of dancers this season.  The demands of the show are increasing though and this was the week for Marlee to leave.

         Marlee communicates through sign language…and through body language; she showed grace and style.  She is a wonderful advocate for special needs people who want to be given the chance to achieve their dreams.

        Starting next week, the remaining couples will be required to learn two new dances each week.  From season’s past, i remember how hard the contestants said that this part of the competition is.  It will be interesting to see who succeeds and who struggles.


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       Did you view the program this week?  Kristi…awesome girl…you could so totally have a new career, i am thinking!  Jason, very nice as always.  Marissa  owwweeee wowee…great JOB!  Pricilla did a nice job…except for a little nit picking from Len i believe it was.  Marlee’s dance was not up to par.  And yet, as always…she is full of grace and style in how she conducts herself.  I think she is awesome for accomplishing what she has so far but i am thinking she will probably be the one eliminated this time.  When you can’t hear the music…you are at a huge disadvantage.

        Who knows for sure, I dont…but the competition is getting more intense and the challenges that Marlee faces are becoming more difficult to overcome.  Shannon Elizabeth’s dance was a bit awkward tonight..some stiffness there.

     Mario was driven and performed well.  Christian was doing ok…but the scores were not overwhelming.  Once again it is anyone’s game.  I tried to vote online but the site wasn’t having any part of my voting attempts and there were several.  The site didn’t want to work for some reason.  Hope my fav’s are saved!  We shall see.

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        The results of the Dances with the Stars competition last night will be revealed this evening.  While in my mind, there are two probable competitors most likely to leave…past seasons have shown that it isn’t just talent that determines who leaves and who stays in the mix from week to week.  It is all about audience support.

        It has been fun already and this is the first week of eliminations.  Kristi the ice skater was astounding in the performance that she gave.  Marlee the actress (who is deaf by the way) was equally amazing considering her special challenge.  Mario was pretty good as well as Jason the football player was smooth.  I love the energy of Marissa(cancer survivor) the broadway star. 

         Truly each of the competitors who are very accomplished in their own areas of expertise are putting on a show.  It will be fun to see them grow as performers in the dance contest.

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