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      Stop! make it stop….everytime i go to the mail box…those stupid credit card offers are waiting for me.  The offers get to take a short little trip from the mail box to my garbage can..but first …because they have my name and address on them i must rip them to shreds.

      Give me a break. I have called the number on the back in small print to opt out of the pre-screened offers of credit …but they still find a way back into the mail box.  Ahhhhh…dang it.  I can’t just toss it away…because identity theft is too much of a problem in our world…so once again, rip, rip, shred , shred. 

           Our country has a huge national credit problem and i think it is unethical to send direct mail to people tempting them to wade deeper into the pool of credit card debt.  I don’t want more debt…i am trying to dig my way out of it.

       It just isn’t fair that even though i don’t want these offers…they continue to come.  It isn’t just annoying…it is a credit risk…because of people who have no morals about submitting the offers with a change of address.  Does anyone else out there know what I am talking about??? 

        I received two more today.  Give me a break, I tell ya!!


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