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       With my son and his family coming home for thanksgiving…i am washing down the walls in the kitchen.  I am getting ready to paint the paintable wallpaper.  Part of the walls are covered in printed wallpaper and part of it is covered in  ivory, paintable wallpaper. 

      The ceiling is in desperate need of brightening up a nice white.  I think i am going to brighten up the paintable walls with a cheery, robin egg blue to go with the small printed, blue cornflower wallpaper.  It should look very nice with the light oak cabinets.

      I have a confession to make….we started putting up the printed paper but never finished it.  🙂  In stead of asking my husband to finnish that…i am going to paint.  If we decide to finish putting it up under the cabinets then it will just go over the paint.  My hubby has the sickness that the children have had.  I am feeling bad for him…trying to work when he isn’t feeling well.

     Of course, it is holiday time…so we have to get some kind of virus or whatever.  We will have about 30 people here for dinner.  We need to get well fast.  So , soon i am off to the drugstore to pick up some lysol as well as some muscinex.  Hope we are all 100% before the weekend with my son and his family arrive.  I dont want them getting sick too.

      Have a great day!


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     I think today, i will work on some techniques that i am learning from a new book i purchased; it is about using the idea of picture words.  I need to use very concise words that paint a picture for children.  This will help them to see, what i see as they read my stories.

      First though, I am taking the last child off to school.  She looks so cute this morning.  I conditioned her long, blonde hair this morning and then i treated her to a warm blow dryer session.   When i let her hair dry naturally it takes hours to dry.  We usually do her showers at night so she isn’t cold in the mornings.  It makes for a happier morning routine.

        Then, I am driving to the local BK-drive thru.  I am sure that i will grow long, fine leg hairs while my van sits and perfumes the air with white puffs of vapor.  I am sure, I will be wasting precious fuel while they get ready to perform the difficult task (it must be difficult as it takes FOREVER 🙂 ) of filling my medium- sized brown, steamy cups of java.  I can’t wait to smell the nutty, aroma of the roasted beans.  That always pops my heavy, eye lids open early in the morning.

     If only i would have had time last night to make that yummy, bananna bread i could have had it with my strong cup of coffee this morning.  Ahhh….there is always tomorrow!!!

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