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        At the close of today’s Good Morning America, Robin Roberts announced that later today was the LAST of her radiation treatments…then she said that she wanted to dance… she asked the audience to dance with her….and, she gave credit where credit is due…Praise Jesus!  I am so very happy for Robin.  I am sure angels are in heaven dancing for joy as well.  All praise and worship go to God above.

          May God continue to flow blessings her way and to all those battling cancer.  Robin thanked everyone for their support and prayers.  She encourages us all to continue to lift up and encourage those going through cancer treatments. 

          Encouragement, support, and a listening ear are all just as critical to survival as the chemo & radiation treatments.  Bless those in the medical profession giving it their all to fight cancer; it isn’t easy to be on the front lines.  There are victories and there are losses and it is difficult to give to others continuously and not be discouraged by the losses.  Encourage a caregiver today as well!


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God Never Does

       Yesterday’s post was titled people will let you down…even those you love.  Today’s post is God never does.  I prayed yesterday over the situation with my friend and God answered.  Healing took place.  It feels so good.

      Last night she called and apologized for her curt email….and i,  apologized for any misunderstandings that i may have caused as well.  We both had spent the day hurting and sad and downright miserable.  (In fact, i never got dressed out of my pj’s :))

      It really is true what they say…God might not answer us the way that we think he should…but, he does answer if we listen close enough.  Praise God he loves us enough to care what we go through day to day.

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