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         Tonight, i was correct…it was Adam Carolla’s turn to leave Dancing With The Stars program.  His performance last night was entertaining…but, as in season’s past; whenever a contestant has exhausted his r’epertoire of dancing skills….they bring out the props whilst dancing.  It is a great distraction technique…but you can’t fool the judges who are the experts.  Still, Adam…it was fun and entertaining….we enjoyed you while you were in the competition.

         Adam is a very funny man…and he is light hearted…but, he is not in the same category as some of the other competitors…So, it is goodbye this evening Adam and Julianne. 

          Also in tonight’s program there were a couple of child team dancers who were just wonderful…they were very precise and skilled and it was fun to see them perform with pure joy.  It was very neat to see children so young doing what they saw the adults doing in their performances…i think they will be bringing some competition to the table in a couple of years to the professional dancers on the show!!!  Look out pro’s….here they come.

         The weeks to come will become a bit more difficult to easily pick the winners and the losers. 


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       I am so excited…once again the season starts with Dancing With The Stars tonight.  I can’t wait.  There are twelve new contestents.  It is always a good time to sit and watch the initial episodes play out to see the first few contestants get whittled down to the serious contenders.

        All of the professional dancers are good and the various stars always add a new dimension to the program.  It will be good entertainment every monday for many weeks to come.  I look forward to the celebrities willing to put themselves out there in areas where they aren’t used to competing.  Getting to know them outside of their areas of accomplishments gets people involved and rooting for them i believe.

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