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            Wow, just as schools get out for the summer…travelers have been hit with a double whammy.  Not only do people have to plan their travel plans around construction zones…but, with all of the wild weather the central states have been experiencing, now they need to avoid areas hit with major flooding.  It is worth taking the extra time to reroute your trip to avoid putting any extra strain on emergency services in these areas.

            The national weather service has given warnings in 15 counties in Indiana because flooding is becoming a major obstacle for both residents and travelors alike.  In fact, residents in central Indiana have been being evacuated because of fear of dams failing.  This is massive flooding that endangers many people.

             In fact, major highways are being closed down because of flooding.  Highways, I-65, US- 31, and I-70,  all have portions of their roadways closed.  In Terre Haute, US-41 was the only option available and only one lane was open at that.  This is scary…where will that amount of people go for safety?  If in doubt contact the authorities if you are affected by flooding.

             To add to the confusion and difficulty, thousands upon thousands are without power in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan due to the storms that have been assaulting the area.  Businesses, hospitals, homes, nursing homes, and school buildings are all affected.

              This time of year it is wise to remind people of emergency safety precautions.  If possible prepare ahead of time.  Have available bottled water, blankets, extra clothing and non-perishable food items.  Keep medications and important documents in a handy place to make a quick exit if need be. 

             Also it is important to remind people not to go near downed wires.  Report any gas leaks immediately.  Never, never try to drive through areas where water covers the roadways; too many people end up stranded or dead from flash flooded roadways.  It doesn’t take much water to make a vehicle uncontrollable in these types of conditions.  Safety first.   Keep a cell phone handy to report any emergencies to the authorities.  Keep up to date on the latest weather conditions in your area.  www.nws.noaa.gov/.   Be safe everyone!


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        In honor of spring i made a spring salad.  I used to make it for the residents in the nursing home that i worked in a few years back.  They loved it.  🙂

        My family….doesn’t love it as much.  So, i had to make a small batch.  It is a small bag of frozen peas unthawed, a dollop or two of mayonaise or salad dressing depending on which you prefer, chopped up small pieces of onion, celery stalk, cucumber as well as some shredded low fat cheddar cheese.  It is good with some small bits of bacon as well…however, i didn’t have any.  Mix together with a small shake or two of balsamic vinegar and whaaaaaa laaaa  you have a marvelous spring salad.

        My family doesn’t know what they are missing; and, I on the other hand…have a lovely spring salad to eat with my lunch time sandwiches for the next 2 or 3 days.

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