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        In honor of spring i made a spring salad.  I used to make it for the residents in the nursing home that i worked in a few years back.  They loved it.  🙂

        My family….doesn’t love it as much.  So, i had to make a small batch.  It is a small bag of frozen peas unthawed, a dollop or two of mayonaise or salad dressing depending on which you prefer, chopped up small pieces of onion, celery stalk, cucumber as well as some shredded low fat cheddar cheese.  It is good with some small bits of bacon as well…however, i didn’t have any.  Mix together with a small shake or two of balsamic vinegar and whaaaaaa laaaa  you have a marvelous spring salad.

        My family doesn’t know what they are missing; and, I on the other hand…have a lovely spring salad to eat with my lunch time sandwiches for the next 2 or 3 days.


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