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       I am so excited…once again the season starts with Dancing With The Stars tonight.  I can’t wait.  There are twelve new contestents.  It is always a good time to sit and watch the initial episodes play out to see the first few contestants get whittled down to the serious contenders.

        All of the professional dancers are good and the various stars always add a new dimension to the program.  It will be good entertainment every monday for many weeks to come.  I look forward to the celebrities willing to put themselves out there in areas where they aren’t used to competing.  Getting to know them outside of their areas of accomplishments gets people involved and rooting for them i believe.


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     Just got done watching dances with the stars.  It was great watching these “celebrities” doing something that is out of their element for most of them.   Wow, some of the ladies were awesome.  Can’t wait to see the men tomorrow night.

      It takes alot of guts to get out there in such a public way.  Whether they fail or succeed it still takes alot of courage to put it out there for people to not only comment on your skills but to judge you before millions.  I say, they are all winners just for facing their fears and their dreams and taking a chance!

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