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      So today was a great day.  After a very long, work filled week; we took a family day.  We went out for a ride to another local town.  We went to lunch and then as a family we went shopping.  My hubby found something that he has said he wanted for years.  We splurged on ourselves for once…not something we often do.

         The thing that has often been a subject of my husband’s desire?  Well, it was a down filled mattress topper.  That was a bit pricey…but hey, he has wanted one for years…and since we can’t afford a new bed…this was the next best thing. (more…)


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          You know what, just when I think I have figured out which way is up in this world; someone comes along and shakes my brain like a snow globe. Geez…there are alot of rude people in our world; did ya know that?

            I try really hard to give people benefit of the doubt when it comes to saying and doing rude or insensitive things.  I try to see if they just made a slip of the tongue and said something without thinking or if they really meant it.  Although, I just have to admit it…I think our world is just becoming a less caring place in how people treat each other.  (more…)

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