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Happy Birthday

      Today is my father’s birthday.  He should be out celebrating but instead he is at the hospital with mom.  This morning i got a call that the doctor is rethinking her illness.  He thinks it may be possible that she does NOT have congestive heart failure…she may ONLY (which is bad enough but the lessor of two evils definately) have pneumonia.

       If this is true and the tests today prove Mom has pneumonia instead of congestive heart failure it just might be the best birthday present Dad ever got!

       I have been sick and therefore have banned myself from the hospital yesterday and today.  So, later we will call and sing happy birthday to Dad and (hopefully) hear the good news about the tests! 


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      Well, i did take my kids to the movie The Game.  It was a wonderful movie.  There aren’t too many movies that are family movies; but, i can honestly say..that when this one comes out on dvd…i will buy it.  Had laughs and touching emotional moment in it that made it worth watching.

      When i got home there were 4 messages for me on the answering machine.  Two were from my dad.  That doesn’t happen because my dad doesn’t like talking on the phone. I knew it was important.  It was about my mom. (more…)

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