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         Angelina Jolie and partner Brad Pitt are doing some math in France.  They are about to add two infants to the four young children that they already co-parent; they are expected to deliver twins this time around.   Angelina and Brad have one birth child named Shiloh (2) and three who are adopted; Pax who is four, Maddox who is six and Zahara who is three. 

        Angelina has arrived at a hospital in Nice, France to await the birth; it has been announced that the twins were due to arrive in August.  However, most people realize that hospitals routinely deliver twins a month early if the situation allows for it.  This hospitalization will allow for both mother and babes to be monitored closely for a safe delivery.

       A press relations person for the hospital said that there isn’t any hurry and that the hospitalization has been planned for some time; and, that everything is well with Angelina Jolie. 

        Of course, this delivery has the attention of the world wide media because of the fame of the parents.  France supposedly restricts the paparazzi a bit and allows the rich and famous a bit more privacy than many other countries.  Whenever the delivery takes place it will make a splash around the world.  We wish the family well with their soon to arrive family members.  Update:  https://writeasrain.wordpress.com/2008/07/14/celebrity-population-explosion/



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          In a publicity promo for her new movie…Angelina and her co-star Jack Black were sitting side by side when Jack let it slip out that Angelina is pregnant with twins.  Angelina confirmed this impromptu announcement. 

           Angelina and Brad have been under a close eye by the media about this pregnancy.  It was never formally announced; but, in a public appearance in January for the Screen Actor’s Guild she wore an outfit that caused speculation about her being pregnant.

         She has been hounded by media over time about pregnancies and suspected pregnancies…but as in most things…time reveals what is true.  It has been rumoured that she has been having a difficult or uncomfortable pregnancy.  Leave her in peace…pregnancy is often difficult…so, to those who set about making it more difficult for her…leave her be.  It is taxing to bring new life into the world; even more so when you are carrying twins.  That doesn’t even take into account caring for the rest of her children, doing her work as an ambassador and filming as well as promoting her films.

         In any case, this pregnancy is a two-fer for Angelina and Brad.  Since they both have confessed to wanting a large family; it should come as no surprise.  They have the money to care for all of their children.  They spend alot of time with their children and they certainly are wanted. If every parent gave the amount of love and attention their children needed; it would be a better world. Let’s hope that as a family they will be allowed to live in peace and love.


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      I am shocked because earlier this week when a bank teller was shot…it was announced that although she was in critical condition…the twins that she was carrying survived.  I am sad to say that i just read that one baby died on thursday and the other baby died today.

      The Indiana bank teller, named Katherin Shuffield, is still in critical condition.  She needs prayer, as does the rest of her family.  It doesn’t sound as if the gunman was caught.  No one seems to know why he shot her in the stomach when he jumped over the counter…as he left he again fired.  There just seems to be so little respect for life anymore.

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          Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins early this morning.  She had a boy and a girl as has been speculated about for months.  I am sure she is filled with joy, anticipation, and even probably some anxiety.

          She has waited a long time for this moment. Her dream of motherhood has now been accomplished.   May God grant them a lifetime of blessings as a family unit.  Jennifer’s husband Marc Anthony has two other children from his first marriage.  With two talented musical parents these children should be genetically gifted in the world of music someday.

          There has been no announcement yet on the names of the children and rumor has it that the first pictures of the twins are being sold to a magazine for mega money.

           There is always such a big media blitz when celebs have their babies when it comes to the first photo’s.  I say if you are going to be in that situation just give rights to who ever you want for publishing the first photo…but if money is exchanged…do something good with it and donate a major portion of it to charity or something.

          All in all…these are two new precious lives.  I am sure they will be loved, protected, and cherished as all newborn children should be.

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Twin boys       Well, my family has added another couple of family members.  Twins, are they cute or what?  Adoption in our family is nothing new for us.  But these two are only 5 weeks old.

        I forgot how often babies need to get up during the night…only these two are puppies.  No less work than a human baby let me tell you…but they are so stinking cute…what are ya going to do?

        So, Chance and Shadow are their names.  We are going to keep them both through the whinning stage and then one of them as soon as he is trained is going to a friend because their very large lab was hit by a car a few short weeks ago.

       They sure are fun though and add a whole other dimension to the family. 

Update:  Well, both babies are now pretty good size…and guess what?  They both stayed and I can’t imagine one without the other.  The friend who’s dog died…she got another dog that was also adopted…but, it didn’t work out.  That dog had seperation issues and could not be left home alone (the whole family works and goes to school).  So, that particular dog was adopted by an older gentleman who lives on a farm and has several other dogs.  She (the dog was female) is quite happy now…she is never alone and has company.   

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       I have a baby shower to go to tonight.  Not just for one baby though.  There are two mothers representing two seperate families.  One mother is expecting twins (a boy and a girl) and the other mother is having a boy.

       So, i went and purchased some outfits and some necessities.   Great fun for me.  Now, i am in the process of finishing a small little poncho for the girl baby.  Now, since the girl is one of a set of twins…i expect that they will be premie.  Most of the time, if a mother is expecting twins they will deliver the babies a month early or so.  Needless to say, the poncho is small.  🙂 (more…)

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