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       It is D day…make sure that you vote today.  The balance of the well-being hangs on who becomes President of the United States.  Vote your beliefs, vote your convictions, vote your values.  It will be a long day…tomorrow will be a day of all of the talking heads analyzing this and that…and how so and so should have done this and should not have done that.  This country needs to somehow find it’s way back to common sense and put it’s affairs in order.

       No matter who wins…half of the country will be down and depressed for a little while.  This has been one of the most contested prolonged political battles in the history of the United States.  So, now we wait for the news to tell us what happens next.  The next four year’s journey begins today.  I did my part…did you?


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         Going to graduations this time of year remind me of the old song by Alice Cooper…School’s Out For…Ever!   I can still remember that feeling…like the whole world was ahead of me…the excitement and the fear of what comes next.

          So many young people are at that same place in their lives right now.  School is out…what’s next; college…volunteering…vocational school…military…internships…jobs…taking a little time off to figure it out maybe.  Be an encourager; tell them…they can do anything they set out to do.  Tell them they need a goal and a plan to make it happen.  It is a wonderful time in their lives and waiting to see which choices they choose is interesting.  Stand back and see what they can do.

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      Today is my mother’s lung biopsy.  I am worried for several reasons.  Her lymph nodes are enlarged.  She is having breathing problems.  She has never smoked a day in her life but she lived with smokers almost her whole life.

       This biopsy is dangerous because she has too much pressure in her lungs.  I am praying that God protects and keeps her safe.  I am praying for a lot of things.  Mostly well-being.  * update:  Mom came through the biopsy just fine…but now we start the wait for the lab results.  The results could take up to a week or so.  Patience is not easy in this case.

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